Remove Fat With Lipolysis

People looking for well shaped body with minimal effort, lipolysis fat reduction procedure is perfect when your skin can’t handle the slack. It is an innovative, gentle and non-invasive procedure to eliminate the fat deposits in the specific areas of body. Lipolysis is a safe method for elimination of localized fat around waist, inner thigh, abdomens, upper arms, knees and ankles.

Lipolysis Procedure
A transducer is applied to the treatment area that releases high intensity Ultrasonic waves which treat the fat cells. The fat cells mobility is increased for their quick metabolization and elimination from body.  Thereafter transducer is advanced to destroy the layers of fat cells. It is a completely safe procedure that offers permanent and instant fat loss without the need of diet, exercise, medicine, surgery and injections. The procedure only aims at fat cells without affecting other organs hence preventing the side-effects.

Health and safety factors
Laser Lipolysis is found to be very safe and perfect treatment method to remove fat from the specific small areas as the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The recovery is significantly fast. Consult with your doctor to determine whether you can be a good candidate for laser lipolysis. The treatment is done weekly and need to be repeated for minimum 6 to 8 sessions however patients who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise permanent results, receive the permanent results.

Before/After Treatment