About Hospital

GH Derma Center is a reputed hospital in the sophisticated and advanced Cosmetic and skin care techniques to deal with everything from anti-ageing to erase wrinkles and fine lines, treat acne and other skin problems. We offer the most effective treatment to not only local patients but the worldwide.

At our GH Derma Center, more than ten thousand patients see our surgeons every year for various skin conditions. We are now one of the world’s leading Dermatology and Cosmetic centers for patients with skin and aesthetic problems.

Our surgeon treats a range of skin diseases such as acne, melasma, hirsutism etc both rare and severe conditions that need special treatments. We are an internationally recognized derma to surgery & hair transplant center where the most of treatments are provided without the need for an overnight stay.

Our team of consultants with dedicated surgeons help to offer patients with quick access to specialist options. We:

  • Treat various skin diseases from common to rare ones requiring cures not available elsewhere in the India
  • Have USFDA approved equipments at our hospital to provide the successful treatments
  • Excellent integrated care when you need it
  • Have helpful and welcoming staff who listens to your needs carefully
  • Value your time with easy appointments, minimal waiting and care like at home.
  • Are making it better all the time by continue to improve our services


Most Common Areas Covered

  • Tricity
  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pardesh
  • Jammu & Kashmir


Newly Added Services

  • Micro-Needle RF system
  • Safescar Technology
  • Medi Spa for wellness and beauty
  • Triple Wave Diode Laser Hair Reduction

Our Objectives

  • Offer high quality, integrated and personalized care that meet your needs when you use our services
  • Ensure our staff is able and responsible to deliver the valuable and compassionate care
  • Improve your health and wellbeing


In the recent years, the hospital has also attracted overseas patients for offering economical cosmetic and laser surgeries. We offer high quality and reliable treatments for further expansions in the aesthetic and non-invasive markets. With a firm foundation based on excellence in advanced technologies, GH Derma Hospital is established as a world reputed destination for all cosmetic and dermatology treatments with results in long term success.

Our Team

We are a team of specialized cosmetic dermatologist and plastic surgeons with wide experience trained in the latest skin care techniques. We have been practicing on laser and other dermatologic surgery procedures for several years and are also internationally recognized as honoured dermatologic laser surgeons.

Our doctors are compassionate cosmetic consultants who are at the forefront of the technology advancements in this industry. We always aim for an individualized treatment surgery to meet individual requirements of his patients. With an ocean of knowledge and experience in dermatology with specific skills in surgical skin treatments, laser and cosmetic dermatology, we are helping patients to relive.

We are fully committed to social and noble services to serve human-kind. So, contact our team to discuss your cosmetic requirements with us and get an extremely safe treatment for the desired results.