Microneedle RF System

With increasing age, human skin wears and tears and shows noticeable changes on our face and neck and also on the other body parts. The upper skin surface experiences sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles and veins pop up with the time progresses. In order to defend your skin against aging effects, a microneedle RF therapy is recommended that restores your damaged skin.

Microneedle RF System procedure

Microneedles are injected directly into the skin at a specific depth that release radiofrequency energy. This energy uniformly heats the deep tissue to stimulate the collagen and new collagen fibers production. The needle tip consists of tiny gold needles that serve as an internal conductor. The microholes created by the needles are secured from thermal damages during RF emission that minimizes the adverse effects of pigmentation.

Advantages of Microneedle RF therapy

•    Repair collagen structures
•    Fine wrinkle removal
•    Suitable skin lifting without piercing
•    Volumetric tightening
•    Perfect skin
•    Reduce lip lines
•    Acne treatment
•    Enhance skin tone
•    Eyelid tightening

You will receive flawless skin with noticeable results. The procedure meets your esthetic needs without pain and restores your damaged skin.

When consult our surgeons at GH Derma hospital, you will get a customized treatment plan according to your needs. To maintain the results permanently, yearly procedure is recommended depending on your skin type. Our doctors will suggest you the suitable sunscreens and give aftercare instructions to help receive the best results. This procedure is recommended for patients of age 18 to 65 years who are in good health.

Before/After Treatment