FTC Instalift Fine Thread Contour

Contour Thread Lift is also known as Dermal Thread Lift that is a very effective procedure in lifting the sagging skin on forehead, eyebrows, neck and face. It is an advanced cosmetic procedure that offers natural facelift results with no healing period.

Contour Thread Lift Procedure

The sagging skin distorts your skin shape and makes you look much older. With face lifted procedure the collagen development is stimulated in the deeper skin layers that immediately lift face and body contour offering more youthful experience and look.

The procedure is fit for flabby and distorted eyebrows, sagging cheeks, early signs of aging, dropping skin tissues on mid face and neck.

At GH Derma Hospital, we carry out latest, secured and efficient anti-ageing procedure to promote collage production. The technique involves the use of Polydioxanone threads that are absorbed by skin to lift dropping tissue, enhance blood flow and collagen stimulation. It results into strengthening face and body contours and offers a bright skin.

Benefits of Contour Thread Lift

  • Nominal invasiveness
  • Fast and straightforward procedure
  • No scar development
  • Secured process, minimal case of bleeding and no downtime
  • Quick and long lasting results
  • Regular 2 to 3 times procedure with lasting results for two years
  • Can be used on face and different body parts

Contour Thread Lift technique is used for full face, breast, hip lifting and is also applicable on other parts. It significantly removes wrinkles and gives perfect body shape with improved flexibility and bright skin.

Before/After Treatment