Tattoo Removal And Birth Mark Removal

Q-Switched Nd : Yag LaserĀ  is the best tool to remove birth marks and tattoos of different colors such as blue, black, brown and others and to prevent growth of specific brown pigment growths on skin. It is very effective in the tattoo removal. The tattoo will be re-examined and re-treated if necessary at two months or longer intervals as long as the pigment is removed or it is decided that pigment will not capable of being eliminated by the laser.

The frequency of treatments with Yag laser depends on lesion, size, location, color and patient age and tattoo age. An overall 3 to 7 visits will be enough.

After treatment skin care instructions

The treated region by Q- Switched Nd: YAG Laser becomes very delicate and must be treated with utmost care.

  • The treated area should be kept dried for 24 hours after the procedure followed
  • Remove tapes on second day
  • If it is hard to remove tapes, soak them in saline solution
  • Use cotton to clean the wound and apply slight pressure to clean the edges
  • Antibiotic ointment with cotton applicators
  • Cover the wounds with non-stick dressing
  • In case of swelling, keep an ice packed wrapped in a cloth on the wound
  • Stay away from direct contact under sun
  • Avoid rub the treated area, cover the wound with protected tapes in case of irritation
  • Do not swim if crusts are still present on wound
  • In case of infection signs such as redness or swelling, contact your doctor

Before/After Treatment