Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

At GH Derma we prefer nominally invasive surgical approach to deliver the highest satisfaction. We are fortunate to have premises where patients are treated and sent back to home the same day.

Our patients receive pre-surgery consultation and are fully informed about the procedure and expected results before signing a consent form. The whole surgical procedures are performed under the local anaesthesia to numb the area that needs the treatment. The procedures are carried out carefully to minimize the risk of infection, scars and different recovery problems.

Our patients are our first priority. We firmly trust that only with an investment in the highest quality resources, we can deliver the best healthcare that they deserve.

Dedicated team with carefully chosen skills

We are home to specialists in liposuction, breast augmentation and face and body treatments. Our rigorously trained team has particular set of skills and expertise, making GH Derma the preferred choice for cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments in India. We follow the latest technologies and techniques that make us pride ourselves on producing exceptional quality results with extreme care. Our team will strive to make your treatment a cozy and happy experience, ensuring you achieve the required results.

Our certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon will assess your goals and then create a tailored treatment plan that fits your needs. We help you restore your confidence with our specifically planned surgery procedures only for you to improve your appearance and minimize recovery period. We strive for excellence and offer the personalized environment that you deserve.

  • Super Wet Liposuction-A volume of fluid is injected into patient’s tissue to perform liposuction more easily and decrease the blood loss.
  • Revirgination (Hymenoplasty)- Revirgination procedure follows repair and restoration of injured and worn hymen. It takes typically seven to ten days for hymen to heal properly and after recovery, hymen looks, feels and performs in a natural way.
  • Abdominoplasty- This procedure is followed to offer thinner and firmer abdomen by eliminating excess skin and fat from the middle and lower part of abdomen. The abdomen muscles are tightened and repaired.
  • Breast Implants- Breast implantation is a reconstructive plastic surgical procedure in which an implant is used to correct the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breast.
  • Breast Reduction Surgery (Mammoplasty)- In this procedure, excess breast fat, tissue and skin are removed to decrease the breast size. It is an effective procedure to prevent discomforts due to large size breast.
  • Other Cosmetic Surgeries- Other cosmetic procedures offered are such as eyelid surgery, buttock lift, thigh lift, dermabrasion etc.
  • Double Chin Reduction- Double Chin surgery is performed by a safe and minimally invasive procedure to remove fat and cellulite from chin and improve skin elasticity.
  • Rhinoplasty or Nose Job- This is a specific job for nose to change its shape or enhance its function such as improve breathing problems to the nose and correct defects. It is done for cosmetic reasons that will improve nose’s shape and appearance.

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