Excimer Laser

What is Excimer Laser ?

Excimer Laser ,It delivers Ultraviolet light to localized areas of the skin . This treatment uses intense ,focused  doses of laser light to help control areas of mild to moderate psoriasis and vitiligo without harming healthy skin around them . With excimer technology, the light exposure is limited to the treatment area and can be precisely controlled. The laser spot size is 2×2 cm making this therapy appropriate for the treatment of both small and medium sized areas.

How it works ?

Excimer laser treatments are performed in the dermatologist’s office. Each session takes only few minutes .During the treatment ,the doctor aims the laser directly at the patches of psoriasis and vitiligo .Patients might feel some warmth at the site or a snapping sensation against the skin .

With Excimer laser therapy ,patients usually have two sessions a week for  4 to10 sessions to get good results. While conventional UV therapy is time consuming and requires many sessions to see results, excimer reports clearance within 10 treatment sessions. A treatment session also lasts less then conventional UV therapy as the parameter regulated over time is the laser intensity, not the exposure duration.

Before/After Treatment