NBUVB & UVA Photo-Therapy

Vitiligo is a cutaenous disorder of pigmentation that results into pigmentation of skin, hair and oral mucosa. It is a chronic pigmentation disorder causing white patches that gradually increase in size if not treated. The depigmentation has a predilection around body orifices such as eyes, nose, mouth etc.

Vitiligo is a complicated disease to treat despite of various surgical equipments have been invented in the medical industry. With advanced Narrow Band UVB phototherapy (NBUVB) it has become possible to successfully treat vitiligo. The session duration depends on the pigmentation level. Earlier UV light procedure was used with Psoralen pills but it caused serious side effects. Unlike to it, Narrow Band UVB light panels solve the problems of extensive UV exposure by using the most beneficial element of natural sunlight.

A Narrowband UVB lamp emits light of wavelength 305nm to 311 nm in a therapeutic level for re-pigmentation of natural skin color. It is a fully safe method with no side effects and is very useful in the treatment of vitiligo.

NBUVB treatment for perfect pigmentation without scars

It has become a popular choice for excellent pigmentation without causing any scars. This highly specialized method is also significant on even sensitive parts such as eyelids, lips and fingers offering remarkable cosmetic results. Re-pigmentation occurs within 1 to 3 months.

Narrowband UVB is more effective than traditional PUVA therapy for the treatment of vitiligo with minimal side-effects. It is also recommended over broad-band UVB and is a promising treatment for vitilgo.

Before/After Treatment