Permanent Hair Reduction

At GH Derma Hospital, we use advanced Cheveux diode laser equipment for permanent hair reduction. The laser removes the unwanted hair with strong pulses and prevents the missed spots with extreme care and safety. The procedure is fully pain-free.

How does Cheveux Diode Laser work?
The diode wavelength in this laser is set to 810nm that is perfect for efficiency and extreme comfort. It flows with extreme smoothness allowing the light energy to be absorbed while directing at the hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin. It is a significant procedure for dark skin tones.

The smooth light pulses and constant motion of handheld device, heats up hair follicles and cells that cause hair regrowth. Cheveux laser is perfect for the treatment on face and other sensitive areas including fingers and toes. The treatment is fast and pain-free. It is also effective in treating pigmented lesions.

The efficient and high quality hair removal results offered by Cheveux laser are attracting many new patients. It is also affordable and no down time required, so patients can turn back to their routine activities, these features has made this laser a workhorse in the cosmetic industry. The hair removal results offered by Cheveux diode laser are much superior to traditional hair removal methods.

This new technology offers permanent hair reduction at more affordable price unlike other systems. Additionally, the treatment can be done on small areas. Cheveux laser has integrated contact cooling tip that improves patient’s comfort and secures their epidermis before and after the interaction with laser pulse.

Before/After Treatment